Rotorua Team


From the onset of this program, the lack of motivation and inspiration among Rotorua youth was considered to be the most significant issue facing the Rotorua Community. This has been caused by a perceived lack of job opportunities in Rotorua, or a lack of knowledge among youth in what opportunities are available for personal growth and careers.

The Rotorua Future Leaders have created a bond with the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Rotorua, and will continue to work with them to form a group dedicated to providing young people with business orientated work experience within the Rotorua district, and other related projects.




Kia ora I’m Loren, an 18 year old student in my final year of secondary school in Rotorua. Growing up I spent a lot of time overseas working on health-related outreach initiatives and research projects, which has lead me on to develop a keen interest in medicine and global health policy – I’ll be studying both in the UK this September.

I’m also extremely passionate about the kind of work that Inspiring Stories does, so I’m really excited for this Future Leaders Programme, I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun!



Kia Ora! I’m Bianca, an 18 year old student of Waikato University. I’m passionate about people and about making a lasting change for a better future, which is why I’m studying Political Science and Law. I’m also passionate about the environment, and learning as much as possible about the world around me.

I have an intrinsic faith in people and the amazing potential we all possess to do good in the world and for ourselves.

I have been a part of many different community organisations in Rotorua and am excited to be a part of an initiative as promising as Future Leaders.



Kia ora my name is Reade, and I work for the Rotorua Lakes Council as the road safety coordinator. A large part of my role, and past roles I’ve held within local and national government, involves interacting with young people to help them grow their skills and knowledge to develop as individuals. I look forward to working towards unleashing the potential of young New Zealanders, with the fantastic and likeminded team from around the country.

My passion is working in the youth space, and I can definitely see the Future Leaders Programme being an aid for me to better contribute to what I love doing.