Manawatu Team


One thing which is undeniable is that all provincial regions in New Zealand are struggling with one problem in particular: the retention and development of young people.

We have created the framework for a programme called ‘Where’s My Job’ to aid in the retention and development of young people in the Manawatu district. With New Zealand Agri Investment Week taking place in March 2017, we are working to collaborate with the organisers to create a programme which showcases to the young people in our region why the key to them leading successful futures is staying in the Manawatu.





I am 19 years old, a ‘farm boy’ born and bred in the mighty Manawatu. I am currently in my first year at Victoria University of Wellington studying law and commerce. I have been heavily involved in the creation of youth initiatives in the Manawatu district.

I am extremely passionate about youth engagement in communities and how the leadership of young people can lead to great things!



I am 20 years old, passionate about Social Enterprise and helping people reach their potential.

I spend a lot of my time, when I am not studying my Economics and Public policy degree at Victoria University of Wellington, getting involved with helping others.

This includes my Vice President role at the University Student’s Association looking after student representation at Victoria University of Wellington. Also I enjoy volunteering at events, involvement in community work and supporting the under-represented.